850.H3020 Rear Multi-Function Light

  • ECE certified for all included functions when mounted in the orientation shown
  • Harness with 6- and 3-way AMP connectors, compatible with FAUN-bodied RCVs
  • Dual voltage 12/24V
  • Meets IP67 ingress levels
  • Surface mounts on four studs
  • Universal design mounts on left or right side of vehicle
Part No. Ind Pos Stop Fog Rev Num Mrkr Reflex
Abbreviation Light ECE Reg(s)
Ind indicator light 6
Pos position light 7
Stop stop/brake light 7
Fog fog light 38
Rev reverse light 23
Num number plate light 4
Mrkr marker light 91, 7, 3
Reflex reflex reflector 3